Table of Contents

Core-level spectroscopy calculation [↪︎]

Core-level spectroscopy (XPS, XAS, RIXS, etc) calculation using Anderson/cluster model. The Anderson model can be used to compute core-level spectra on the valence band described by ab-inito scheme such as DFT+dynamical mean-field theory (DMFT).

Tight-binding calculation [↪︎]

The tight-binding code performs a lattice calculation, outputting (k-resolved) density of states, hybridization function (which can be used for DMFT self-consistent calculation or core-level spectroscopy calculation), (k-resolved) density matrixes. Both real and Matsubara (for both bosonic and fermionic) frequencies are supported. The real-space Hamiltonian generated by wannier90 (hr.dat) file can be used for the input.

Continuous-time Monte Carlo Anderson-model Solver [↪︎]

DMFT with continuous time Monte Carlo solver [↪︎]
Maximum entropy analytic continuation [↪︎]

Other Tips

Wannierization with Wien2k, wien2wannier, and wannier90 [↪︎]